The Trip to London

From the 6th to the 10 of December 2012 most of the 12 graders went accompanied by 4 teachers

to London. Aim of this trip was to improve our ability to talk English and to find our way around in a

foreign city. Every day we got spend there should describe in the London diary we had to make.


Most of the time we were allowed to discover the city in little groups by ourselves, but we also

met and explored the city as a huge group, as visiting Somerset House and watching the Londoner

ice-skating. We attended a service in Westminster Abbey and a concert of an organ in St Paul’s

Cathedral, being impressed by the old buildings full of history and believes. We were visiting the

Globe Theatre and took a journey in the London of Shakespeare’s times. We explored Camden

Markets, shopping like the Londoner, bargaining and eating ourselves around the world, being

impressed by so many different noises, colors, smells …. We also took a guided tour from Houses of

Parliaments to Trafalgar Square. Some of us swear to have seen the Queen herself on that occasion.


The Metro tickets were the key to all those adventures. We started in the morning meeting during

the day and being back at the hostel late in the evening, tiredly chatting with our roommates.


During our stay we had to visit at least one church, four museums, one park and one special historical

building. I myself especially liked the “Stables Markets” in Camden Town where I even found and

bought the dress for the Abiball.


All in all, I can recommend the trip to London, especially in Christmas Time. It is such a beautiful city

with lots of friendly people helping you finding your way around. We thank the Förderverein for the

financial support, which made this trip not only affordable but unique through special events we

experienced together.