Exkursion nach London 2011

"Don't panic, keep calm and drink some tea" or "When year 12 goes to London, they have something to tell"

To all students - the second best part of school – only bested by holidays – are class trips, excursions and any other opportunities to escape everyday school life. Naturally, we too had been anticipating our trip to London in November 2011.

Starting our journey on Sunday, 6th November, at 9.15 p.m. by bus from Roßleben, we were preparing ourselves for the long travel ahead by sleeping. Our bus, only three days young, was very modern, comfortable and provided much space – we even had spare seats to take along Ms Spenner, Ms Schilling and Mr Meyer, who were supposed to keep an eye on us in England's capital. We spent most of our journey sleeping or adding the final touch to a presentation. However, when reaching Calais, France, everbody woke up. After all, we did not want to miss even a second travelling via the Eurotunnel, which would take us at 9.20 a.m. to Great Britain. Arriving in England at 10 a.m., however, we had to change our watches to 9 a.m. In comparison to the long way we had already gone the remaining miles to London seemed to fly by. Firstly, our busy schedule led us to the 'Royal Observatory' in Greenwich, where we visited the Prime Meridian. Afterwards, Karsten and Stefan – our bus drivers for the week – took us to our hotel in Streatham – 'Leigham Court Hotel'. We did not stay long and went back to the City to visit the 'London Dungeon'. While it was not too scary an adventure, it turned out to be quite educating and it is not every day that one gets trapped in the Great Fire of London in 1666 or is nearly murdered by Jack the Ripper. Surviving all those near death experiences had made us hungry and we went off on our own – in groups, naturally – to grab something to eat and explore the streets of London. In the evening we met at London Bridge and went back to our hotel by train. On Tuesday morning we enjoyed a Continental English breakfast before Karsten and Stefan took us to the embankment. From there we went along the Thames, crossed Tower Bridge and turned right at the Tower of London. During our sightseeing tour (on foot) some students were holding reports about some of the sights. After trying fish 'n' chips we continued our way to the Houses of Parliament along the Thames. On the other side of the river we could see the London Eye as well as the Globe Theatre.

When we reached the Parliament, we were welcomed by Big Ben striking 2.oo p.m. Our next destination was Buckingham Palace, where the 'Royal Standard' signalled the presence of Queen Elisabeth II. Afterwards we went to Covent Garden. Many paid a visit to Tesco's' before we watched the famous musical 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre. It was brilliant!
To sum it up, it was a wonderful trip going out with a bang. We had a fantastic time in London and would not be against going there again. For Wednesday there was a trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre schedulled. We visited the exhibition about the theatre in Shakespeare's days and enjoyed a very interesting tour with our guide John. We left the Globe at noon and had lunch break. Strengthened, we split up into three groups. One group visited the Tate, another went to the 'Natural History Museum' while the rest took off to the 'Science Museum'. We could have spent the whole day there, but we 'had' to leave in order to explore more of the city. Most of us visited King's Cross and took a photo of themselves at platform 9 3/4, some went shopping and a few visited the London Eye or Hard Rock Café. This evening we had to find our way back to the hotel on our own. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in the lobby together. We had to get up really early on Thursday, because we had to pack our belongings and put it into the bus. Having eaten our last breakfast in London, our bus drivers took us to the embankment again, where we went to the 'British Museum' by underground. It turned out to be a huge building with thousands of exhibits. After approximately four hours we had not even come close to see everything the museum had to offer and our feet hurt already. Nevertheless, we went on to Camden Market by underground. However, upon our arrival we noticed one student was missing. The teachers sent us off to the Market and looked for him. Three hours passed till everyone met again – save one student, who had left his cell phone in Germany. We split into groups and kept looking. Mr Meyer went to the next police station. When we went back to our waiting bus – one missing pupil was enough – we finally got a life signal from him – via a friend in Germany, who had read a facebook entry of our missing student. Shortly after that, our student called Ms Spenner from our hotel, where she had left her number. We needed half an hour to go back to the hotel and pick him up, before finally being on our way back home. However, due to the delay we missed the last train back to the continent and had to wait till 1.30 a.m. We spent the remaining trip sleeping.